Tulisan ini di sampaikan Rektor (Prof. Dr. Tgk. Hj. Warul Walidin AK, MA) sebagai Keynote Speaker pada “The 4’’ International Conference on ICT in Education 2019”  di Hotel Bayview Beach Resort Penang, Malaysia 2-4 Juli 2019.
ICT and Education 4.0
´  ICT is Information and Communication Technology that will change:
´  The education system
´  The curriculum
´  The teaching/learning materials
´  The teaching/learning process
´  The capacity of lecturers/teachers/instructors
Collaborative Programs among the higher education institutions
´ Students could attend college without leaving their home, both in their own country or in a foreign country.
´ The lecturer can share all teaching materials to all of his/her students through the internet from his/her offices by using social media and teleconferences system. 
Digital Library System
´ Lecturers/students can search and download the teaching/learning materials from the digital library directly from his/her place as a member or guest visitor.
´ Establishing the network library digital system among the higher education institution for primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions.
Online Academic Registration
´ Applicants can register and upload digital documents that are requested to apply the program at higher education institutions without leaving their home both at home and abroad.
Digital Academic Database
The Academic Database can be accessed and download by all beneficiaries from anywhere
Digital Payment System
´ Payment system for education fees online through banking and other digital payment systems.
Empowering ICT in Education 4.0
Embracing ICT to empower Education 4.0 to develop program based on the users (disability/age/gender), especially for primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions
Developing Collaborative Program
´ Joint classes between universities that have established the network through memory of understanding (MoU).
´ Students can attend college in their place of residence, both in their own country and in a foreign country.
´ The lecturer can give lectures to all students through the network from his office throughout the world.
´ Collaborative classes for the double degree systems.
Standardized Evaluation System
Standardized education program evaluation system between education providers
Empowering Lectures
´ The quality improvement of lecturers is carried out jointly and gradually, so that lecturers can give lectures at universities that have understanding (MoU) in implementing education.
´ Focus Group Discussion (FGD) between lesturers and students by embracing ICT.
´ Information sharing between lecturers about the development of science, especially in the fields of pedagogical theory, learning process, and multimedia development in teaching.
But …. ??
´ All of them will save budget and time ..
´ Regular direct meetings/lectures IS NEEDED so that the sense of humanity and social contact is not lost, so that local wisdom is not eroded.